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Great for Podcasting!

I believe this is an excellent teaching tool that works both for teacher-led instruction, as well as content crafted by students. I enjoyed that students could use the embedded audio and video tools to craft their very own video and audio creations. For audio-only content (we use this for Podcasting), WeVideo exports directly to students Google Drive which makes it SO easy for students to record and submit their content to me via Google Classroom. One issue I noticed is that there are some slight glitches from time to time when screen recording while also using the webcam that I noticed while making asynchronous videos this year. This has happened a few times to me while I have been creating video content, and I haven't found a fix for it yet. Overall, I think this resource is a very useful tool for student and teacher content creation. I can definitely recommend that it worked well for my students!
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A fun alternative to PowerPoint presentations.

One thing I really liked about WeVideo was that it allowed each student to work at his/her comfort level - or just beyond it. Some students had no experience with video editing, and they were able to use WeVideo to essentially make a narrated PowerPoint. Other students were more comfortable with the technology, and they imported videos and music into their presentations, which took their projects to the next level.
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WeVideo: Great for classroom use and making your photos into great videos and more

It can be a great way to make the learning more authentic and meaningful for the students because they can be creative, use images and other media which are personal to them. I like the variety of choices for adding in media, transitions, that you can record audio which is great for foreign languages, which often require students to narrate a story for their speaking assessments. it is also great for any student to practice their speaking skills, work on storytelling and creates a final project which can be shared and saved to show their work to others. It can give students that power to choose their way to show learning and also build collaboration skills if working on a team. Many options for adding personal touch to the video and variety of ways to publish and share the video. A lot of potential for projects, digital storytellling and more.
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A step in the right direction for collaborative video editing.

I think WeVideo can be a great teaching tool, but it does have its limitations. What I liked: -The ability to collaborate within projects and share content with other members -The program is web-based -Google single sign-in -Variety of built-in content: backgrounds, images, sounds, etc. -Robust tool options for editing videos -Easy to share final project in multiple ways How it could serve users better: -Continue to work on true collaboration - allow multiple users to edit a video simultaneously -Lower the per user price of the school
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A full video editing suite in your browser? Yes please!

If you have used iMovie before on a Mac you will be up and running in no time with WeVideo. Drag and drop is simplicity itself and the children will be able to create a professional-looking film with some direction from you as teacher. As with many of these kinds of tools, the children will soon be helping and guiding each other and showing you things you didn't know! With the free version you get 5 minutes worth of export time per month (per account) and this is probably enough for most school projects. The upshot being nearly 150 Y5/6 children at my school generated over 4 hours of how-to videos - thanks WeVideo! Give it a go if you haven't tried it already.
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Fun and easy way for student collaboration

Film projects are an excellent way to teach students the importance of planning and organization. Film projects also engage students who might be otherwise be "floating" through class. The reason I prefer WeVideo is that it is cloud-based. Students can use personal devices to record and upload video for editing. They can also work on their projects anywhere they have an Internet connection. One member of a group can log in, make edits, save them, and then text their partner to check the changes. They do not have to be together to collaborate on the project. It is also a headache saver when individual members of a group are absent. Beyond the cloud-based and collaborative features, WeVideo doesn't boast any other major advantages over other video editing software. Be aware that there are limitations for the free accounts, including a data limit, and a watermark over the videos. These limitations did not have a negative impact on my students' work.
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Great collaborative web tool for a BYOD environment!

Overall this was a good project , because what better way to learn than from your peers. Students solved their own problems, and then were able to create a tutorial to help their peers solve problems, too! The tutorials were then added to the class website where they can be viewed at anytime, and as often as a student would like, for the purpose of learning/review.
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Nice video creation/editing option for Chromebook users - 5 min limit

I'm bummed that there are so many limits to the free version. You only have 5 minutes of recording time, and at least at the time of this post, you only have 5 free videos and a watermark over your publication. It's good for getting your feet wet in the video creation/editing process, in that it will incorporate easily and publish easily to the programs you're used to (Google, Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). Students don't need hardly any teacher help to get it up and running.
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Easy to use, comprehensive video editing tool

Students often got frustrated when we used MovieMaker. The program did not always save their work and students often had to start over. WeVideo has 3 levels of complexity in the Timeline, so it can be used to just drop images in or can handle multiple tracks. The theme selections offer students a quick way to make their videos look really great. I saw a marked increase in creativity and enjoyment when we moved from MovieMaker to WeVideo. Again, the only criticism is that the files are not exportable and can only be shown on the WeVideo site unless the student pays to have it posted on YouTube.
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WeVideo is an easy editing tool to create digital stories.

WeVideo offers so much functionality, that it may be overwhelming to some students. Make sure you have practiced creating a video before introducing it to students. That being said, it was surprisingly intuitive for me. It was easy to drag and drop various file types into the story. I like how easy it is to move pieces around on the timeline, listen to the draft, and make changes. There are even differing levels of complexity built into the editor which allows for some differentiation for the students.
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