A full video editing suite in your browser? Yes please!

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

If you have used iMovie before on a Mac you will be up and running in no time with WeVideo. Drag and drop is simplicity itself and the children will be able to create a professional-looking film with some direction from you as teacher. As with many of these kinds of tools, the children will soon be helping and guiding each other and showing you things you didn't know! With the free version you get 5 minutes worth of export time per month (per account) and this is probably enough for most school projects. The upshot being nearly 150 Y5/6 children at my school generated over 4 hours of how-to videos - thanks WeVideo! Give it a go if you haven't tried it already.

How I Use It

This project would not have been possible probably even 2 years ago. Students had to plan, film and edit their own 'how-to' video, on a subject of their choice. WeVideo was a major part of this, alongside canva,com for titles, and soundtrap.com for the soundtrack. Integration with Google Drive means signing on is just one click (if you're a Google school!) and videos and other media can easily be uploaded this way. Being web-based it does take some time to load the files - next time I may do this out of lesson time. It is good to have the choice between a simple editing page and a more advanced view - for differentiation purposes - but to fine-tune the video properly you will need to use the advanced 'timeline' mode. It was great that the children could work on these projects at home as well as school. The project itself was ambitious - composing their own music, and developing their own titles/messages outside of WeVideo and then importing. This left a useful 'safety net' as those that did not quite manage this part could avail themselves of the many in-built musical excerpts and title design features built in to WeVideo itself.