Great for Podcasting!

Submitted 3 years ago
Mikayla S.
Mikayla S.
Alta Vista Elementary
Los Gatos CA, US
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My Take

I believe this is an excellent teaching tool that works both for teacher-led instruction, as well as content crafted by students. I enjoyed that students could use the embedded audio and video tools to craft their very own video and audio creations. For audio-only content (we use this for Podcasting), WeVideo exports directly to students Google Drive which makes it SO easy for students to record and submit their content to me via Google Classroom.

One issue I noticed is that there are some slight glitches from time to time when screen recording while also using the webcam that I noticed while making asynchronous videos this year. This has happened a few times to me while I have been creating video content, and I haven't found a fix for it yet.

Overall, I think this resource is a very useful tool for student and teacher content creation. I can definitely recommend that it worked well for my students!

How I Use It

I use WeVideo for student content creation for Commercials and Podcasts. Students make "Back to School Commercials" using WeVideo, as well as for our Opinion Writing Podcasting project. Students were able to build and edit their work while working in teams to produce quality videos and audio-only content. What didn't work was that although our district pays for premium access, it isn't loaded onto each Chromebook for students. Therefore, we had to use the Chromebooks for students that had the premium access enabled.