Digital Citizenship Week

October 19–23, 2020

Amplify your students’ voices and give them ownership of their digital lives

Digital citizens think critically about what they see online, understand the benefits and risks of sharing information, and balance screen time with other activities. But digital citizens aren't born—they're taught by teachers like you!

Kick off this Digital Citizenship Week by giving your students the space to voice their perspectives on topics important to them. Check out our fun new #DigCitWeek kahoots and digital citizenship video discussion activities for all ages (details below)!

Video Discussion Activities for Digital Citizenship Week

Digital Citizenship Week Elementary Activities Image

Activities for Elementary School (Ages 5–11)

Add a daily dose of digital citizenship to your week with the Digital Citizens (they’re a band!). These fun characters help young students learn about healthy media habits. And the videos for older elementary students will get them talking about how to recognize cyberbullying, how to find credible news and information, and more.

Digital Citizenship Week Middle School Activities Image

Activities for Middle School (Ages 11–14)

Our Teen Voices video series will help middle school students reflect on their tech use and make thoughtful, informed choices. They’ll also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of social media, how to deal with digital drama, and ways to keep online friendships safe.

Digital Citizenship Week High School Activities Image

Activities for High School (Ages 14–18)

With these videos and discussion questions, high schoolers can reflect on their social media use and think about how their actions online might affect others. Discussions include understanding online hate speech, how much screen time is too much, and ways to communicate with people who disagree with you.

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