Digital Citizenship Week

October 14–18, 2019

Celebrate, renew, or activate your school's commitment to digital citizenship.

Digital citizens think critically about what they see online and learn to make their own smart choices online and in life. That means understanding the benefits and risks of sharing information, knowing the difference between a credible news source and a sponsored ad, and balancing screen time with other activities. Cultivating these skills is essential for anyone to thrive in today's increasingly tech-driven world. But digital citizens aren't born -- they're taught by teachers like you!

Whether you're just getting started teaching digital citizenship or you're ready to lead a school- or district-wide program, Common Sense Education is here to help you get it done. Together, we can empower the next generation of digital citizens.

Are you a parent? Find out how you can bring digital citizenship to your kid's school.

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Quick-Start Activities

Are you new to dig cit or just looking for fresh ideas? The 4 Ways to Get Started guide has some fun activities you can try today.

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Family Media Agreement

Send home this Family Media Agreement to help families practice digital citizenship beyond the classroom.

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