Common Sense Education and Nearpod partner to harness the full potential of technology for learning.

Our partnership with Nearpod offers educators a new and engaging way to experience Common Sense's award-winning Digital Citizenship Curriculum! Our full K–12 curriculum is included in Nearpod's 21st Century Readiness Program, making every lesson interactive, engaging, and fun for your students. Discover how Nearpod's platform creates collaborative learning experiences for classrooms, schools, and districts.

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Illustration of the Nearpod interface with one of the Common Sense education lessons in display


Nearpod's platform enables teachers to facilitate interactive activities, connect students through collaborative discussions, and gain instant insight into student learning through formative assessments. Visit Nearpod's site to learn more.

We offer the same award-winning Digital Citizenship Curriculum via our Common Sense Education platform and Nearpod. The learning objectives and core content are the same, but some of the activities have been altered to take advantage of Nearpod's unique capabilities. Visit Nearpod to learn more about their features.

Yes, the latest version of our K12 Digital Citizenship Curriculum is available within Nearpod's 21st Century Readiness Program. This program is an add-on to a school or district license and includes additional subject areas such as social and emotional learning, college and career readiness, and financial literacy.

All devices. The platform is device agnostic, making it easy to share content with students regardless of the device they have at hand.

Yes. Check out Nearpod's Getting Started FAQ for more information.

Nearpod offers individual, school, and district licenses, giving you access to the platform, 20+ formative assessments and media types, and their vast content library. The 21st Century Readiness Program is an add-on to a school or district license. Visit Nearpod to see purchasing options and schedule a demo of the program.

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