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Free Back-to-School Templates for Teachers and Families

Ease the transition back to in-person learning with these helpful organizers.

Erin Wilkey Oh | August 21, 2021

Every school year is an opportunity for a fresh start, and more than ever this year, back-to-school traditions can help us all regain a sense of normalcy. Maybe for you it's buying new school supplies, or maybe you enjoy planning out a brand-new unit you'll try teaching this year. You might even be thinking about ways to bring some of the tools and strategies you've discovered during distance learning back into your classroom.

To help make this year's back-to-school time a little easier for you, we've put together a set of customizable templates focused on supporting you, your students, and their families during the transition back to in-person learning. With distance learning, many routines may have fallen by the wayside, but that doesn't mean you can't bring them back this year!

You can use any (or all!) of the templates below and customize them to work for you and your students. Whether you want to set norms and expectations for in-person learning, provide families with an overview of your class's goals for the year, or give families some support in the transition back to in-person learning, we've got you covered.

We hope these resources ease a bit of the stress that comes with such a big transition. We're here for you! Thank you for all you do for your students and their families.

Digital Learning Pledge

Set a positive culture of digital citizenship from the start with this customizable student agreement in English and Spanish. Set expectations for device care, online safety, media use, and more. Available in English and Spanish.

Digital Learning Agreement 6–12

Discuss expectations for online communication, privacy and safety, device use, and more with your middle and high school students. Available in English and Spanish.

Daily Routine

Provide helpful support to students and families during distance learning with this customizable schedule. Use it to outline the day's learning activities, provide any important information parents and caregivers need to know, and check in with how students are feeling each day. Available in English and Spanish.

Dinner Discussion

Help parents and caregivers stay informed about their student's progress with this customizable short discussion guide. Give families a brief look into what's happening in class, and offer some conversation starters, suggested questions, and class reminders. Available in English and Spanish.

Devices for Learning

Edit and share this handy guide to make sure families have the information they need about any school-issued devices students will use for learning. From how to log in to where to get technical support, make sure students and their families can easily get answers when they need them.