WeVideo: Great for classroom use and making your photos into great videos and more

Submitted 7 years ago
Rachelle Dene P.
Rachelle Dene P.
Riverview High School
Oakmont PA, US
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My Take

It can be a great way to make the learning more authentic and meaningful for the students because they can be creative, use images and other media which are personal to them. I like the variety of choices for adding in media, transitions, that you can record audio which is great for foreign languages, which often require students to narrate a story for their speaking assessments. it is also great for any student to practice their speaking skills, work on storytelling and creates a final project which can be shared and saved to show their work to others.
It can give students that power to choose their way to show learning and also build collaboration skills if working on a team. Many options for adding personal touch to the video and variety of ways to publish and share the video.
A lot of potential for projects, digital storytellling and more.

How I Use It

I have used WeVideo as a choice for my students in my Spanish courses to create projects on various themes. For example, students had to create a representation of their daily routine, childhood, their community and they were able to choose from different tools to use for completing this work. Students created videos with photos, clipart, transitions and sounds and enjoyed the ability to be creative and learn some new tech skills as well. Students were in grades 8 through 10, and had no problem working with WeVideo to create great videos and were proud of their work.