Easy to use, comprehensive video editing tool

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

Students often got frustrated when we used MovieMaker. The program did not always save their work and students often had to start over. WeVideo has 3 levels of complexity in the Timeline, so it can be used to just drop images in or can handle multiple tracks. The theme selections offer students a quick way to make their videos look really great. I saw a marked increase in creativity and enjoyment when we moved from MovieMaker to WeVideo. Again, the only criticism is that the files are not exportable and can only be shown on the WeVideo site unless the student pays to have it posted on YouTube.

How I Use It

There are a lot of great video editing tools out there that students can use for free. WeVideo is web based so students do not have to download a program. They can also work on it at school and then pick up where they left off on their home computer. The down side is that the videos are saved as a WeVideo and to get them on YouTube you must upgrade. But for our school projects it worked out fine.