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Film projects are an excellent way to teach students the importance of planning and organization. Film projects also engage students who might be otherwise be "floating" through class. The reason I prefer WeVideo is that it is cloud-based. Students can use personal devices to record and upload video for editing. They can also work on their projects anywhere they have an Internet connection. One member of a group can log in, make edits, save them, and then text their partner to check the changes. They do not have to be together to collaborate on the project. It is also a headache saver when individual members of a group are absent.

Beyond the cloud-based and collaborative features, WeVideo doesn't boast any other major advantages over other video editing software. Be aware that there are limitations for the free accounts, including a data limit, and a watermark over the videos. These limitations did not have a negative impact on my students' work.

How I Use It

I have used WeVideo for small group projects. The collaborative features aren't as collaborative as Google Docs or OneDrive, but being able to have multiple accounts have access to a project saves a lot of headaches. Unlike using iMovie on an iPad that has to stay at school, the cloud based WeVideo service makes it very easy for students to continue their work at home or their local library.

Specifically, I have used WeVideo while studying persuasion and argumentation. Students use three of the seven persuasive strategies in a commercial or PSA. Students plan, film, and edit their video on WeVideo.

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