WeVideo is an easy editing tool to create digital stories.

Submitted 8 years ago
Eric W.
Eric W.
West Ottawa High School Campus
Holland MI, US
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My Take

WeVideo offers so much functionality, that it may be overwhelming to some students. Make sure you have practiced creating a video before introducing it to students. That being said, it was surprisingly intuitive for me. It was easy to drag and drop various file types into the story.
I like how easy it is to move pieces around on the timeline, listen to the draft, and make changes. There are even differing levels of complexity built into the editor which allows for some differentiation for the students.

How I Use It

I used WeVideo as part of a PBL unit. Students wrote personal narratives. After sharing their stories, students discussed common values demonstrated in their narratives and used WeVideo to create a digital story that synthesized the values revealed through the narrative.
Creating a digital story requires students to consider symbols, tone, and theme to communicate to the audience. WeVideo allows students to add their own voice to the digital story. It also has the functionality to combine pictures, video, and music on multiple tracks to layer the meaning and the symbology.