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Websites and Apps for Making Videos and Animation

From slideshows and stop-motion animation to short films and remixes, video-making is a tried-and-true way to get kids engaged in building, demonstrating, and sharing knowledge. And today, creating videos goes way beyond the clunky hand-held cameras from days of yore. Instead, students can not only edit live-action sequences, but also include images and animation to augment their directorial debuts. These video and animation apps and sites offer user-friendly tools and features that make it more fun than ever to get kids' productions created, edited, and polished. There are also a few tools that feature video-based formative assessment, so kids can record and share their video reflections. 

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Video Editing and Remixing Tools


Create, present, and assess with effortless interactive screencasts

Bottom line: This intuitive tool is excellent for recording and responding to screencasts of any length.

Common Sense Selection


Pose questions, spark thoughtful video responses with stellar tool

Bottom line: This accessible, approachable tool offers connection, multiple means of expression, and creativity to apply to almost any topic.


Interactive video creator has great question variety

Bottom line: This tool strikes a nice balance, offering teachers an easy intro to interactive video mixed with a large set of features that can lead to increasingly sophisticated lesson design.


Solid cloud-based editing site makes video creation simple and social

Bottom line: With two levels of editing tools and an easy-to-use interface, students of all ages should have no trouble creating and editing their video content to demonstrate learning.


Create and edit sophisticated screencasts without breaking the bank

Bottom line: This is the most flexible screencasting tool, but it requires patience -- and perhaps a subscription -- to unlock all of its possibilities.

Coach's Eye - Video Analysis

Robust video analysis for sports, science, fine arts performances

Bottom line: Cool video-analysis tool is great for the sports field and beyond, but prepare for an onslaught of hidden costs to access all features.

Green Screen by Do Ink

Versatile, easy-to-use moviemaker and photo editor yields great results

Bottom line: High-quality moviemaker and photo editor has numerous uses for students' projects.

Animaker Class

Design and present animated infographics and video with versatile site

Bottom line: A great media creation tool that could be used all year long for everything from posters to videos, but teachers will need to make learning goals clear.


Crop, customize, and remix online video content with interactive tool

Bottom line: This is a valuable tool that teachers can use to flip classrooms or support student-led creation.

Common Sense Selection


Easy screen-recording tool facilitates outside-the-box instruction

Bottom line: This is an instructional tool that could reinvent classroom workflow, especially for classrooms in the Google ecosystem.


Create and edit high-quality screencasts and videos in record time

Bottom line: This platform is full of features that blend video creation and screencasting, helping teachers expand and differentiate their lessons.


One-stop shop for creating and assigning beautiful video stories

Bottom line: Set students up for storytelling success with quality content and tools in a safe environment.

AndroVid - Video Editor

Versatile must-have creation tool for classrooms using Android devices

Bottom line: Easy-to-use tool enables Android users to create movies or slideshows.


Movie editor will satisfy beginner and intermediate creators

Bottom line: Despite some limitations with editing, it's the perfect tool to get teachers and students started with digital video production.

Adobe Spark

Super-flexible design tool for crafting fab images, videos, and sites

Bottom line: This one-stop shop for creating sleek graphics, web stories, and animated videos is incredibly easy to use and challenges students to think critically about visual presentation.

TouchCast Studio

Cool tool takes videos to the next level

Bottom line: It's a creative tool for teachers to make interactive video content and for students to present information, but teachers should monitor use.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Create and share professional-looking videos from nearly any device

Bottom line: It's an intuitive platform for video creation that also prepares students for more complex software.


Create and share videos with cool effects, tons of language options

Bottom line: This slick video creation app is fun, empowering, and accessible in lots of languages, but be careful with sharing.

InShot Video Editor

Social media-aimed creation app has cool features, some pitfalls

Bottom line: For students, there's a lot of fun to be had and valuable editing skills to be gained, but teachers will need to do all the instruction and deal with the ads.

Animation and Slideshow Tools

Easy Stop Motion studio: Introduction to animation

Ideal, easy-to-use way to help kids learn basic animation

Bottom line: This introduction to digital animation offers lots of opportunities for creativity for young students.

Toontastic 3D

Flexible tool hands kids the reins for creative animated storytelling

Bottom line: Despite some lack of variety and simple drawing tools, Toontastic 3D remains a terrific, versatile storytelling tool.

Shadow Puppet Edu

Resource-rich video slideshow maker a gem for a variety of classrooms

Bottom line: Easy-to-use free tool is a must-have for elementary classrooms; just keep an eye on sharing and privacy.

Animation & Drawing by Do Ink

One-stop animation tool for beginners through experts

Bottom line: Accessible entry into animation for beginning students, but with enough depth to satisfy more advanced artists.


Ultra-simple starting point for animation has its uses

Bottom line: This animation app can be a great starting point for learning the essentials of animation (sequencing frames of drawings), but ultimately it has a small feature set compared to others.

Wick Editor

Design interactive games and animations with creative online platform

Bottom line: A great starting place for aspiring creators to design and share engaging content.


Whimsical animation app is beautiful, tricky to implement

Bottom line: After jumping through some initial hurdles, teachers will find Looom to be a useful tool for some students.


Build slick, engaging whiteboard animations with Web-based tool

Bottom line: A stellar -- if somewhat pricey -- creation tool for the classroom.


Create snazzy video slideshows with simple, flexible features

Bottom line: Slick music videos and slideshows are easy to make, but students need more controls to personalize them.


Cool coding tool tuned to teen girls' passions aids creativity

Bottom line: Learn-to-code programs for youths often too narrowly define what can be done with code; Vidcode expands the options, helping girls see code's value in culture and express themselves.

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