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Price: Free, Paid
Platforms: Web

Pros: The teacher dashboard makes it simple to assign, collect, view, and evaluate student videos all in one place.

Cons: Students can't collaborate on video production within the platform, and the search-and-sort options are lacking.

Bottom Line: Video-based lessons have more than meets the eye with cool features and thoughtful premade content.

How Can I Teach with This Tool?

Twig Create is really two platforms in one. First, Twig Create offers short educational films that teachers can use for instruction, mostly in science and social studies. Teachers can also quickly make their own videos on any topic using ready-made templates and a large, searchable media collection. However, the student part of Twig Create is what makes it so unique. Twig Create provides customizable lesson plans that encourage students to think critically about a topic, and then respond by creating their own videos. For example, the teacher presents Twig's short film about erosion while students record facts on a graphic organizer provided by Twig Create. Then students synthesize what they know about erosion into a storyboard and build a short video in Twig Create. This video can remix clips from the lesson video and/or contain student-created and -gathered content. Video projects can be posted to a secure class webpage or shared with a teacher via email or Google Classroom. Other lessons direct students to find reliable research sources and use the Notes feature to gather information. 

The detailed lesson plans support ELA objectives in addition to content standards. The lessons, handouts, and rubrics are designed for easy editing and sharing, and are thoughtfully constructed for a variety of grade levels. There are also built-in lesson supports for English language learners. Plus, you can use Twig Create for more than just the provided lessons; both teachers and students can use this safe and secure platform to make and share videos about anything. Feeling a little overwhelmed by the possibilities? Start with the How-To video tutorials, and then try a ready-made lesson. 

Note: Twig Create is powered by the video creation platform Binumi, and Twig Create accounts are managed by Binumi. Teacher accounts are free, but student access requires a paid classroom subscription.

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Simple yet powerful video editor helps everyone create beautiful videos, and the lessons allow for self-expression.


Cross-curricular lessons and customizable materials accompany a flexible platform for empowering student learning. They often offer extension activities, differentiation strategies, and well-designed handouts.


There's a video tutorial for every step of the process, plus a variety of student lesson supports, especially for ELLs. Transcripts and closed captioning are available for the lesson videos.

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Melissa Powers
Melissa Powers School Library and Technology Specialist

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