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Character & SEL, Communication & Collaboration, Critical Thinking, English Language Arts

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Assessment, Formative Assessment, Media Literacy, Presentation, Social Media

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Community Rating

Anti-social Flipgrid

There should be negative stars, since even one would be an exaggeration. A terrible waste of time, and invitation to habitual frustration. For years, Flipgrid has had problems, losing video responses, announcing that a recording failed to upload... But now, as of 2023, it will not record at all: neither on a state of the art college computer, nor on an older but healthy computer at home, where every other program or app works just fine. Though I can watch the students' videos, in attempting to respond, the camera displays my image, but any attempt to record yields the same obstacle: "Something went wrong. Please refresh the page." And all that does is return me to the student's video, which begins running again.
Moreover, Flipgrid has always had terrible captions, completely useless for another language, and often ridiculously wrong in English.
Our department was one of the last to continue using Flipgrid - most others have switched to the internal Canvas function or Harmonize. We will be doing so as well, and warning others to steer clear of this miserable program.

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Privacy Rating

Data Safety How safe is this product?

  • Users can interact with trusted users.
  • Users can interact with untrusted users, including strangers and/or adults.
  • Unclear whether profile information must be shared for social interactions.

Data Rights What rights do I have to the data?

  • Users can create or upload content.
  • Users retain ownership of their data.
  • Processes to access or review user data are available.

Ads & Tracking Are there advertisements or tracking?

  • Unclear whether personal information are shared for third-party marketing.
  • Traditional or contextual advertisements are displayed.
  • Unclear whether this product displays personalised advertising.

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