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Anti-social Flipgrid

There should be negative stars, since even one would be an exaggeration. A terrible waste of time, and invitation to habitual frustration. For years, Flipgrid has had problems, losing video responses, announcing that a recording failed to upload... But now, as of 2023, it will not record at all: neither on a state of the art college computer, nor on an older but healthy computer at home, where every other program or app works just fine. Though I can watch the students' videos, in attempting to respond, the camera displays my image, but any attempt to record yields the same obstacle: "Something went wrong. Please refresh the page." And all that does is return me to the student's video, which begins running again. Moreover, Flipgrid has always had terrible captions, completely useless for another language, and often ridiculously wrong in English. Our department was one of the last to continue using Flipgrid - most others have switched to the internal Canvas function or Harmonize. We will be doing so as well, and warning others to steer clear of this miserable program.
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Terrible! None of my students liked it and all of them had difficulties.

It's bad, did not help my fake students
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Flipgrid is a great tool for learners to express their ideas in different way using video, animation and improve their public speaking abilities.

My overall opinion it is a great tool for students to share and interact with each others and learn from other students videos
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Brings more interacivity to assignments!

This resource helps to encourage students to participate and provide their views on a discussion. It helps to share all of the student's perspectives and have the chance to contribute to the discussion. It is a great tool to use in remote asynchronous learning to help students see each other and learn about each other!
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Great way to share feedback on video

I didn't have any issues with the software in my experience. I was introduced to this product during a teacher inservice to help educators create lessons during distance learning.
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Flipgrid is awesome!

I like Flipgrid because I think it's an excellent way to mix up how you present material and concepts in the classroom. Students can record themselves giving a presentation, which other students can watch and critique on. It's a fantastic opportunity for students to share their work without having to spend several days in class going over everything.
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Unclear how asynchronous videos benefit students

I initially was excited to try this but quickly realized that it really doesn't fit into an elementary class, IMHO. We have requirements for synchronous teaching time, i.e. where teachers and class participate together online. FlipGrid is an asynchronous tool where students create and upload videos of themselves. Teachers and students can then watch the uploaded videos asynchronously, but it doesn't help me fulfill our synchronous teaching requirements unless we all watch pre-recorded videos during class time. The ability to have students record video presentations seemed like a good idea until I realized that I'd rather just have them present their ideas during synchronous learning time (i.e. just like I would if a I were back in a physical classroom). I also had negative feedback from a few parents who noted that it took their kids a lot of effort to make a 'perfect video presentation' without any speaking errors. Of course, it wasn't ever my intent that kids make perfect videos and I realized that it was just easier to give each child a few minutes of in-class time for their presentations and then have an interactive discussion in real-time. I wanted to find a use-case for this, but just couldn't find one.
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Great discussion tool for having students be seen and heard through video!

Personally, I think that Flipgrid is a great tool for the classroom. It allows students to share their thoughts verbally without the pressure of having to speak in front of an entire room of their peers; therefore, providing extra support to students struggling with social anxiety or low literacy that makes it difficult to express their ideas through writing. Moreover, Flipgrid also has a feature that provides closed-captioning for the video responses; therefore, catering to students with hearing problems as well. It is also important to note that, because Flipgrid only allows the teacher determine the length of the video responses (with a maximum of ten minutes), it makes the experience of participating in class discussion a lot more low-stakes for students and less time consuming than a written response, which is more appealing to students, too. Finally, Flipgrid is easy-to-use and accessible to students either online or as an app on Apple or Android devices for free; therefore, it is perfect for the classroom.
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Great way to spark student discussion (with accessible options and without the pressure of speaking in front of the class!)

By including things like captions and the chance to respond in video or in written format, this website provides an engaging and more accessible way to engage students remotely in conversation about a specific topic. It is asynchronous with a slightly social media style that encourages continued engagement through the great UI. Now, it doesn't replace in class discussion. However, with remote learning especially, it provides another option with certain modifications that increases accessibility and allows students to think about topics and respond at their own pace (something that simply is not possible in an in class format). If teachers are able to use this tool in tandem with synchronous learning, it can be a great way to enhance student understanding of specific topics, to check in on their reading comprehension, and to cultivate a respectful and dialogue heavy class culture through the use added of technology, so long as the platform is monitored and the students are guided into using the platform for the first time.
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A must use for this year

It is a great tool to get to know your students. Flipgrid acts like a social media app, but for the classroom! The students can do this through the Flipgrid website or the app. My students prefer the app. You create a topic with questions and the students record a video to answer the questions. The time limit is 5 minutes. The students can comment, like, or reply using a video! My students love this because they all want to be YouTube stars! Students can record on their phones, laptops, or tablets. I created a reminder document for them with FlipGrid tips.
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