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Price: Free, Paid
Platforms: Android

Pros: Powerful editing capabilities are specifically designed for Android devices.

Cons: Free version is quite limited; editing on tablet screens is trickier than on desktop or laptop computers.

Bottom Line: Easy-to-use tool enables Android users to create movies or slideshows.

Ways to use custom-made videos in the classroom are unlimited! Students can create videos across content areas -- demonstrating concepts in science, reenacting historical events, presenting original written works, or creating movie trailers or alternative scenes for books. Teachers will find that students take ownership of material when they're given the tools and freedom to create their own movies.

But this powerful tool isn't only for students. Teachers can also create videos to teach and impress students: a music-video parody to announce first-day procedures, a movie trailer to introduce a piece of literature, or a slideshow to showcase students' work throughout the year.

AndroVidVideo Editor is a video-editing program for Android devices. Videos can be shot within the app (only limited by the device's camera) or taken with an external video camera and loaded onto the tablet via email. Editors can trim, split, and merge video clips, separate audio from video, add their own music, and add text or special effects. Other cool features for organizing and cataloging videos make it especially handy for students who create lots of videos (they just need to be aware of storage space). Videos can be renamed, saved to folders, and searched by keyword.

Most tools are available with the free version, but students will be bombarded with ads and limited by the length of videos they can create and export. The free version could work for simple projects that will be watched from within the app. For longer projects to be shared on YouTube or exported, students will likely need the Pro version.

The interface isn't as visually friendly as iMovie. For example, individual video clips are not shown in the timeline, so selecting the part of a video to trim is not as easy. Also, the app doesn't provide templates to start from, as iMovie does. For Android devices, however, this is pretty much the best option available. Students already familiar with iMovie will be able to navigate AndroVid - Video Editor pretty easily with only a slight learning curve, although beginners may need some hands-on help for their first movie.

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Students will enjoy watching classmate-created videos, but video creators will have even more fun with this powerful, easy-to-use tool.


Creating videos deepens students' understanding of the content they're presenting, while empowering them to be creative and personalize their knowledge. 


Videos are saved in-app and can be organized into searchable libraries. A quick-reference sheet explains each tool, and each step includes helpful information.

Common Sense reviewer
Amanda Bindel
Amanda Bindel Teacher

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Not perfect, but capable. For Android, the best we’ve seen so far.

I agreed with Amanda Bindel’s review on many points. The blinking, moving ads on the free version are distracting. I wouldn’t recommend the app for student use without paying for the pro version (which luckily isn’t too expensive). As Amanda points out, the interface could be more intuitive. At one point, when I was trying to trim something, I found myself trying to figure out what five or six different button icons represented. It turned out that two of them dealt directly with trimming and the rest of them were providing various ways of navigating the timeline. Couldn’t the latter be accomplished almost entirely by gestures?

After putting the app through its paces for several hours, it crashed one time on my first-generation Moto X. Other than that, it ran smoothly.

Fortunately, intermediate users (and anyone willing to devote a few minutes to getting past the learning curve) won’t find the above to be too much of a problem. And, as Amanda Bindel mentions, Androvid is quite capable in terms of its features. Given that it’s the best Android video editor I’ve tried and that Android is the most widely-used mobile operating system on the planet, I figure Androvid is worth keeping its eyes on.

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