Not perfect, but capable. For Android, the best we’ve seen so far.

Submitted 8 years ago
Jonathan F.
Jonathan F.
Technology coordinator
K–12 school
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My Take

I agreed with Amanda Bindel’s review on many points. The blinking, moving ads on the free version are distracting. I wouldn’t recommend the app for student use without paying for the pro version (which luckily isn’t too expensive). As Amanda points out, the interface could be more intuitive. At one point, when I was trying to trim something, I found myself trying to figure out what five or six different button icons represented. It turned out that two of them dealt directly with trimming and the rest of them were providing various ways of navigating the timeline. Couldn’t the latter be accomplished almost entirely by gestures?

After putting the app through its paces for several hours, it crashed one time on my first-generation Moto X. Other than that, it ran smoothly.

Fortunately, intermediate users (and anyone willing to devote a few minutes to getting past the learning curve) won’t find the above to be too much of a problem. And, as Amanda Bindel mentions, Androvid is quite capable in terms of its features. Given that it’s the best Android video editor I’ve tried and that Android is the most widely-used mobile operating system on the planet, I figure Androvid is worth keeping its eyes on.

How I Use It

Our school envisions several uses for an Android video-editing app. We have a few Android tablets and wanted to investigate the possibility of students using these tablets for video projects on which they might be working: making movies, for instance, and editing video footage they capture when they reflect on activities they’ve completed or things they’ve learned on field trips. An editing tool would be great for creating highlight reels of the best learning moments, for instance. We have lots of Chromebooks, and we’ve read that Google plans to begin making Android apps available for Chromebooks, too. A powerful video editor on a Chromebook would be great for students. Finally, many of our teachers have Android phones and could use video editing on these devices.