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Bringing pictures and drawings to life empowers kids.

I love using this app along with a self-portrait assignment. When kids add their own voices to self-portraits it really brings the images to life. This app works well with a wide variety of kids from children on the spectrum to the precocious overachiever. My only criticism is that when multiple kids are using a single iPad, account it can be hard to deal with the output in an organized way. Also the app is so focused that it can seem limited to kids who are used to more robust tools.
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Increase creativity with ChatterPix Kids in writing and storytelling!

I believe this app is a great way for students to be creative and engaged in storytelling. They can record their own voices and make special effects. That is pretty cool to know they can play around with it. I like the fact students can use it to create, practice, knowledge gain, and for homework. It is a tool where they can play with their imagination and come up with endless stories. Kids will have a fun time customizing their work and being their own creators of storytelling in a unique way. It enhances their learning experiences and knowledge in their overall presentation skills. It can be used in a blended lesson as having it as a tech tool students can use based on a Language Arts lesson. Also, can apply to SAMR in a way it can help transform and enhance the students overall learning experiences.
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Engaging for ELLs

This tool is really engaging. Even my beginner ELLs were excited to use it and record their voices. I wish you could create student accounts to make viewing their content easier.
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Lights! Camera! Chatterpix! This engaging app is one kids love! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! 1. Take a picture. 2. Record your voice. 3. Decorate with frames and doodles. Publish and watch your pic "chatter" away!

Overall I have been very pleased with the Chatterpix app. It is easy to use for young students, allowing me as the only teacher in the room to be a facilitator for student learning instead of troubleshooting technology. The simplicity of the app makes it versatile for a multitude of uses in the classroom. The novelty of the app makes it engaging for students, resulting in high student interest. Due to the nature of the app only requiring a student to record their voice, this allows for all students of all levels to find success, regardless of their reading skill or writing ability. The only change I would suggest would be to lengthen the amount of time from 30 seconds to one minute. Some students, especially my ELL students, need a bit more time to think through their word choice, resulting in slower speech as they record their answers. Allowing for a longer recording would give these students an opportunity to share the same amount of information as their classmates.
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An exciting app to get your students talking, creating, and learning!

Overall, I believe ChatterPix Kids is a useful tool to allow students the chance to create a finished product that can demonstrate their understanding of specific skills. It is easily adaptable to many different content areas and concepts. I especially appreciated the fact that students are able to rerecord as many times as they need. This gives my ELL students the chance to be comfortable sharing their final product. ChatterPix Kis is also a great app to help students learn about app smashing. The only criticism I have is that the thirty seconds given to record is not long enough.
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The ChatterPix Kids creation app helps make content come to life in creative ways!

Although ChatterPix does not aid in teaching any specific content, it does help students to engage, dig deeper, and present content in a fun, creative way that helps them build stronger curricular connections. It is an extremely simple app, the basic built-in ‘guide’ is useful, but even kindergartners can learn to use the app with little or no guidance. It is very versatile and can be used to present and share content from any curricular area. The audio recording limit of 30 seconds can be limiting, but it also helps students to be precise and narrow down their focus, to get the most important information shared in such a short time. Finally, ChatterPix creations can easily be share on class websites or other forms of communication for others to view, which greatly increase the buy-in and quality of the work produced.
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Vocalize to internalize- if they can explain it, they will remember it.

I love it, and my kids love it. Make presentations engaging and maximize student voice using the features in this app. Students take a picture of something- customize it, and then record them speaking. They can create a mouth which then moves within the selected picture.
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Fast, easy, fun, and versatile creation tool!

I love this tool as a quick and fun way to engage a wide range of students across subject areas. I've witnessed special needs students as young as three be successful in using this app to practice their verbal communication skills up to fifth graders identified as gifted using the app to develop succinct character analyses. The app is a great "go to" tool that students find fun. The 30 second recording limit and questionable "poo" sticker are small drawbacks in comparison to all the positive qualities this app has to offer!
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A highly engaged tool to get students to take ownership of their learning.

This is a great tool for student engagement and to get students to take ownership in their learning. Anytime students know their classmates are going to see their work, it seems they take more ownership in what they learn/create. Posting the Chatterpix on a class website is a fun way for students to learn about the presidents of the United States being taught by their classmates.
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An App to Animate Objects that is Super Easy for Kids to Use!

ChatterPix is a great all age application. It's simplicity and dashboard allows for quick buy in for all students. The App is what you make it. If you want students to be able to record and manipulate a picture this is your go to App. The educational value comes with the planned activity.
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