Increase creativity with ChatterPix Kids in writing and storytelling!

Submitted 2 years ago
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My Take

I believe this app is a great way for students to be creative and engaged in storytelling. They can record their own voices and make special effects. That is pretty cool to know they can play around with it. I like the fact students can use it to create, practice, knowledge gain, and for homework. It is a tool where they can play with their imagination and come up with endless stories. Kids will have a fun time customizing their work and being their own creators of storytelling in a unique way. It enhances their learning experiences and knowledge in their overall presentation skills. It can be used in a blended lesson as having it as a tech tool students can use based on a Language Arts lesson. Also, can apply to SAMR in a way it can help transform and enhance the students overall learning experiences.

How I Use It

ChatterPix Kid can be used to help students bring their stories to life. They can take a picture of their work directly on this app. It also gives them options to add audio, custom frames, text, stickers, and filters. Furthermore, they can download their story onto their phones or Ipads to share it with others. It encourages students to be creative. I think the app could add more features and a way students can share their work on the app.