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ChatterPix Kids

Photo app lets students share learning by making anything talk

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English Language Arts

Price: Free
Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Chrome

Pros: Easy to use and pairs well with any elementary school subject.

Cons: Limited recording time and no in-app drawing tool.

Bottom Line: With its playful premise and ease of use, ChatterPix can be a fun, creative app for elementary school classrooms.

Used effectively, ChatterPix Kids offers a lot of options for elementary school teachers, specifically for storytelling and creative projects. For example, use it to create short book reviews for the library. Or you could have your students research and speak as a historical figure. Teaching about animals and habitats? Students can make their drawings or sculptures talk to share learning. For a poetry unit, students can illustrate a character to photograph and "read" their poem. Teachers can also get in on the ChatterPix fun and use it to create lesson hooks. For example, teaching a unit on Mozart? Create a talking photograph of Mozart to introduce the unit. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your and your students' creativity.

ChatterPix Kids is a photo-editing app that allows students to make photographs talk. A video on the main screen explains how to get started, though the app is so straightforward and clear it isn't really needed. It features two sections: Take Photo (where you create the talking pictures) and Gallery (where work is stored). To get started, students take a photo or choose one from the camera roll. It's also possible to use a Bitmoji. A prompt asks students to draw a line on the photo for the mouth and record a 30-second recording. Students then see a countdown, and once they're finished, they can choose to re-record or preview. On the next screen, students can then embellish photos with stickers, text, and so on. Export completed projects to the camera roll or save them in the gallery, where you can re-edit them. 

While ChatterPix Kids doesn't teach any traditional academic content, it empowers kids to create and demonstrate learning. One thing that makes it useful is that it's easy to use for students as young as kindergarten. But the functionality is just as valuable to older kids, too. You can use it in any discipline in the elementary school classroom -- and beyond -- to share what students know, have learned, or have researched, in a novel and entertaining way. Students will likely appreciate ChatterPix Kid's new way of sharing content, and teachers can get creative with how they present information as well.

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Bright colors and a clean design make it easy to navigate and use. It's a possible go-to app for younger students who will love the silliness.


While not content-focused, it's customizable to any content area with a little effort. Depending on the prompt, the focus can be silly, very educational, or both.


How-to prompts aid each step of the process; a quick tutorial video on the home screen explains everything a student needs to get started.

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Bringing pictures and drawings to life empowers kids.

I love using this app along with a self-portrait assignment. When kids add their own voices to self-portraits it really brings the images to life. This app works well with a wide variety of kids from children on the spectrum to the precocious overachiever. My only criticism is that when multiple kids are using a single iPad, account it can be hard to deal with the output in an organized way. Also the app is so focused that it can seem limited to kids who are used to more robust tools.

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