10 Best Arts Apps and Sites for Elementary School

Art at the elementary level boosts kids' motor skills, senses, and imagination through singing, painting, dancing, playing, and other enriching artistic and expressive activities. By nurturing kids' artistic abilities and giving them ways to express themselves, kids gain confidence and think in new ways that aid learning more broadly.  To fire up kids' creativity, try these arts apps and websites that are sure to inspire kids to create and encourage them to keep at it. Choose from apps that focus intently on learning and practicing music, drawing, and storytelling, or have kids explore websites that will expose kids to art history and different styles of expression.


Captivating music creation app for young musicians

Bottom Line: For iOS-infused preschool and kindergarten classrooms, this could be an excellent intro to electronic music.

Grades: Pre-K–K

Purple Mash

Games, animation, coding, and valuable feedback transform learning

Bottom Line: Powerhouse platform of hands-on creative lessons encourages student exploration, social opportunities, and agency.

Grades: Pre-K–6
Free to try

Artsonia Kids Art Museum

Online art museum empowers students to exhibit, explain their work

Bottom Line: A time-tested digital art museum where students can share work, reflect on their artistic process, and help teachers assess artistic concept comprehension.

Grades: Pre-K–12

My Story School eBook Maker

Sleek platform is a great artistic tool, intro to digital storytelling

Bottom Line: This is a good, accessible way to get kids creating, but teachers will need to create wraparound lessons on story structure.

Grades: K–5

The Robot Factory by Tinybop

Improve designs, collect favorites in robot creation sandbox

Bottom Line: A well-made and enjoyable STEM app that leverages what's great about play -- experimentation -- to spark engineering interest.

Grades: K–8

Kennedy Center Education

Stellar content, practical tips for integrating arts into every subject

Bottom Line: If you're willing to do some digging and prep, this is a terrific resource for integrating the arts across the curriculum.

Grades: K–12


Whimsical, kid-friendly intro to the wide world of art

Bottom Line: A wonderful, endlessly detailed way to get kids engaged in the world of art.

Grades: 1–6


Popular comics platform centers students' creativity

Bottom Line: Platform can motivate students to share subject knowledge in a way that blends art and literacy.

Grades: 2–12
Free to try

Tate Kids

Hands-on activities and explorations give the art world a splash of color

Bottom Line: A wonderful site that really engages kids in the world of art and provides great inspirations.

Grades: 3–8


Amazingly simple yet powerful online CAD tool turns kids into makers

Bottom Line: Full-featured site and app make iterative 3D design accessible, social, and relevant.

Grades: 3–12

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