Vocalize to internalize- if they can explain it, they will remember it.

Submitted 6 years ago
Eric R.
Eric R.
Jack C Hays High School
Buda TX, US
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I love it, and my kids love it. Make presentations engaging and maximize student voice using the features in this app. Students take a picture of something- customize it, and then record them speaking. They can create a mouth which then moves within the selected picture.

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This is a fun way for your students to verbalize their learning. When you are trying to hit all those modalities, Chatterpix should be among the apps you consider. Chatterpix is an app that allows for some anonymity for shy students, and practice with speaking for ELL, and students with special needs, but most importantly it is so much fun. they can personalize a speaking character with a picture of their choice and then make it talk using their voice recording.