The ChatterPix Kids creation app helps make content come to life in creative ways!

Submitted 6 years ago
Fay C.
Fay C.
Instructional Technology Resource Teacher
Hanover County Public Schools
Ashland VA, US
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My Take

Although ChatterPix does not aid in teaching any specific content, it does help students to engage, dig deeper, and present content in a fun, creative way that helps them build stronger curricular connections. It is an extremely simple app, the basic built-in ‘guide’ is useful, but even kindergartners can learn to use the app with little or no guidance. It is very versatile and can be used to present and share content from any curricular area. The audio recording limit of 30 seconds can be limiting, but it also helps students to be precise and narrow down their focus, to get the most important information shared in such a short time. Finally, ChatterPix creations can easily be share on class websites or other forms of communication for others to view, which greatly increase the buy-in and quality of the work produced.

How I Use It

As a technology integrator at the elementary level, I have used the ChatterPix Kids app with students from kindergarten through fifth grade. With younger students, we have completed simple activities where the students took pictures of objects they were learning about (trees in fall, George Washington, a liquid or solid, etc) and, using the audio recording feature, digitally recorded themselves explaining something they know, or facts they’d learned about that object. This was not only used as a formative assessment of content knowledge, but in some cases also used as a practice in fluency when reading a ‘script’ or rate and volume and/or delivery of their oral speaking skills. In upper elementary grades, students have used ChatterPix Kids in a variety of engaging ways: As book reviews and persuasive ‘speeches’ on why classmates should read a particular book; as part of a presentation of research of specific historical topics (for example, a picture of Pocahontas ‘talking’ about her life as a Powhatan Indian); and even as a way to create a ‘time capsule about me’ at the beginning of school – by taking a selfie and stating their yearly academic goals, and then revisiting them at the end of the school year to evaluate which of their goals were met. ChatterPix Kids is simple and versatile, engaging students on every level to make creative products.