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Horrible - do not recommend

What takes 20 minutes to grade in Canvas and Blackboard takes me ~4 hours in VoiceThread. So much back and forth clicking. Rosters don't fully integrate, I have never had a success rate greater than 60% of my students. I seriously hate this platform and would recommend avoiding at ALL COSTS. It feels like someone who has never taught anything ever decided to code and make this platform. It is seriously horrible. I'd give it 0 stars across the board if that was an option.
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Great Tool for Lectures and Group Projects!

I do not think it would be a good tool for complete learning of a subject, but I do think it can be used to give a good background understanding. for example, if a teacher were to be talking about the Great Depression in class, in a VoiceThread, they could explain the economic climate leading up tot the depression and the Dust Bowl as well. this allows students tot learn what else is happening or leading up to a historical event, so that, in class, the finer details can be taught because students have the background. Lectures can also sometimes get boring, so students might check out while listening to a voicethread.
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Great tool for social studies classes

Students are able to respond by text, voice, drawing, or video. This can allow for differentiation in responses, allow for discussion between students, and have them use their creativity.
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great for students and teachers!

I loved this product and it is especially great for teaching. Teachers can use this website as a way to create fun lessons and keep the students interested and students can collaborate and work together while learning. This product is great for creating digital stories in the classroom for both students and teachers!
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Great for All Types of Learners!

This product is a great teaching tool because it allows students to complete knowledge-based assignments on their own time. It is collaborative, so they can comment and converse with their peers to extend their learning. I love how students can also use the technology to create digital stories on their own! I recommend for any elementary or middle childhood classroom.
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Great Product. Not Impressed with their response time to new clients

I like it, but I am not sure why Voicethread's offices can't get back to my district's accounts payable so I can get a teacher license! I would like to use it as a whole class. I am not sure I will continue to use it without a license. It takes too long to have kids use it individually and they can't respond privately.
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Digital storytelling at its best.

This app is very easy to use and works beautifully for collaboration, team projects, vocalization/verbalization for ELL's, and demonstration of mastery.
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The "thread" that keeps going!

Voice Thread is an excellent tool for both teacher and student and avatars make it fun! Lessons can be prepared in advance with voice over which permits multiple views for clarification or the absent student. It is also an easy way to incorporate art and/or primary sources into lessons. As always, privacy can be a concern.
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Great tool for bringing writing to life!

Overall, a recommend teaching tool for all subjects. VoiceThread can be used in other content areas not just ELA. It can be use to have students explain a concept in math, science, etc. Students do need to know how to upload images from the device they are using VoiceThread on if you don't do it for them. Those images also need to be ready to upload when a student is ready to record. This may take some prep time. Another awesome feature is that you can share students' VoiceThreads through a copy link or embedding on a website. Otherwise, comments are allowed from the public (you can control privacy settings for who can see the VoiceThread). Students love to hear comments on their VoiceThreads!
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Teacher/student-friendly presentation and digital-storytelling tool

VoiceThread is a platform for students to showcase learning; this is the reason for the low scores on 'Pedagogy' and 'Supports' above. It is a good vehicle for learning the elements of a good digital story - especially if you take time for students to analyse each other's work - but it's not a learning tool per se. Overall, this is an effective and appealing way for students to share learning and engage an audience.
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