Great Product. Not Impressed with their response time to new clients

Submitted 5 years ago
Jersa S.
Jersa S.
Huddleston Elementary
Lakeville MN, US
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My Take

I like it, but I am not sure why Voicethread's offices can't get back to my district's accounts payable so I can get a teacher license! I would like to use it as a whole class. I am not sure I will continue to use it without a license. It takes too long to have kids use it individually and they can't respond privately.

How I Use It

I use it as a recording tool to practice for the ACCESS test. GREAT for ELs so they can record responses to teacher questions or respond to other students responses and questions. I like to upload pictures and record myself asking questions. Then have the students record their answers about similarities and differences, use supporting details, or give their opinions etc. I can listen, grade and provide feedback the next day! I am sure this tool will improve their ACCESS speaking score. It was so low for all WIDA states this past year. What has NOT worked is having more than one kid login at a time. They have to be individual! Also I cannot have more than 5 Viocethreads! I tried to get a subscription so that I don't have these issues, but they are taking forever to get back to my district's HR. Accounts payable does not want to purchase a subscription with a credit card. That is not their preferred payment method. They want to do a purchase order. Well we have been waiting weeks for VT to respond with the appropriate info to enter on the P.O. Obviously they don't care about new 'small time' clients in need of a single teacher license. Little do they know that all the EL teachers in ISD 194 want a subscription. Well looks like I won't be promoting this at our PLCs anymore. ACCESS testing starts in Feb. Not much time for my fellow coworkers to fill out the request, get it approved, then wait for VT to do their part and have plenty of practice time. #Voicethread #disappointed