Horrible - do not recommend

Submitted 8 months ago
Chloe M.
Chloe M.
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My Take

What takes 20 minutes to grade in Canvas and Blackboard takes me ~4 hours in VoiceThread. So much back and forth clicking. Rosters don't fully integrate, I have never had a success rate greater than 60% of my students. I seriously hate this platform and would recommend avoiding at ALL COSTS. It feels like someone who has never taught anything ever decided to code and make this platform. It is seriously horrible. I'd give it 0 stars across the board if that was an option.

How I Use It

I have been using this platfor since 2021 for an online college course and I absolutely hate it. I use it to teach an online world campus college class; it was suppose to substitute for in-class discussions, but it has become nothing but busy work for students and it is a nightmare for educators.