The "thread" that keeps going!

Submitted 7 years ago
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Voice Thread is an excellent tool for both teacher and student and avatars make it fun! Lessons can be prepared in advance with voice over which permits multiple views for clarification or the absent student. It is also an easy way to incorporate art and/or primary sources into lessons. As always, privacy can be a concern.

How I Use It

I have used Voice Thread in language arts class with sixth grade students. For one assignment, students created haiku poetry based on a novel we were reading (setting). Students enjoyed having choice of how their poems were presented – verbally or in writing. One especially nice feature of this tool is the ability for students to respond/critique to others’ posts either verbally or in writing. When given a choice of tool to use to post and critique, students inherently choose Voice Thread. There are some excellent examples/student work available which can be a lesson of its own – calibration on criteria! Privacy can be a concern, careful monitoring is necessary.