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Submitted 7 years ago
Eric R.
Eric R.
Jack C Hays High School
Buda TX, US
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This app is very easy to use and works beautifully for collaboration, team projects, vocalization/verbalization for ELL's, and demonstration of mastery.

How I Use It

VoiceThread is an app that allows your to voice annotate an image. This can work well collaboratively or independently. I have seen it used with ELL students for a teacher to digitally record a story, so the students could hear the works being spoken in a station (allowing the teacher to be free to facilitate throughout the classroom). I have assigned a small group to take snapshots with the iPad and then reflect on the pictures using the voiceover tool. In small groups, students can work collaboratively remotely. If a document is uploaded then each voice comment on the file.

This is difficult for lower grade levels, because every student needs a profile associated with an email address. If this is not done beforehand then it will not work well. One profile allows about 5 devices to be logged onto the same account.