Great tool for bringing writing to life!

Submitted 7 years ago
Ivonne  C.
Ivonne C.
Technology Teacher
Pioneer Academy
Corona NY, US
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My Take

Overall, a recommend teaching tool for all subjects. VoiceThread can be used in other content areas not just ELA. It can be use to have students explain a concept in math, science, etc. Students do need to know how to upload images from the device they are using VoiceThread on if you don't do it for them. Those images also need to be ready to upload when a student is ready to record. This may take some prep time. Another awesome feature is that you can share students' VoiceThreads through a copy link or embedding on a website. Otherwise, comments are allowed from the public (you can control privacy settings for who can see the VoiceThread). Students love to hear comments on their VoiceThreads!

How I Use It

VoiceThread is a great presentation tool which allows students to narrate stories, poems or narratives over images. Students can upload one or more images and record over each image. I had students practice narrating their writing first and then allowed them to record on VoiceThread. Hearing their writing out loud allowed students to correct grammar and practice speaking skills. Students were able to navigate the tools very easily and I was able to send them off on their own to work on their VoiceThread. Students love hearing their voices on VoiceThread and I will usually share with the whole class.