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Easy and fun program to use!

I feel as though iMovie can be used for so many things. Whether you're using it to teach a class about video editing or allowing students to make their projects more personal and fun, I feel as though it has endless possibilities. It can be a little hard to navigate at first (how to add videos or layer them) but it's very easy to get to understanding how it works. I feel as though iMovie helps to make learning fun and would like to see it used more in classrooms!
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Easy to use and gets the job done

The app is a great editing tool for basic videos. It is a good on-the-go editing app for adding several enhancements or features to videos. I like how easy the app is to understand and the various shortcuts that exist for trimming or extending a video. I wish the app had more advanced editing features and transitions. More transition options or being able to customize keyframes for the built-in transitions would help videos look more unique. I also think the app would benefit from implementing an improved interface for longer videos. Editing longer videos is tricky on the app because of how much swiping you have to do to reach a certain part of the video.
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Fantastic program for group projects

Imovie is a fantastic, free video maker program. It is incredibly easy to use and enables students to express themselves in projects. I have provided many examples of projects above.
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iMovie in the classroom promotes Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking!!!

My overall opinion on this app is, it’s one of the best movie making apps out there. It's a vital resource that teachers can utilize in the classroom in order to promote and develop the 4C's that are essential skills for students to succeed. iMovie helped students strengthen skills with Communication. Not only by talking in the group but also by being able to create a video that communicates a clear message to the public. Collaboration was at an all-time high because ideas were mixed and fused together by groups, scenes had to be planned out and groups had be sure all details were in order before shooting videos. There is lots of creativity when using this app. having that ability to go beyond the classroom opened up the many doors to be creative as possible. Lastly, critical thinking had the leading role throughout the project. There were plenty of details and problems that had to be solved. Some groups were faced with students being absent and not being able to shoot videos. Some days students were limited to where they could go in the school and film, so scenes had to be changed around. But overall the students were able to work thru the adversity and complete the PSA commercial.
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The Benchmark for Mobile Video Creation

iMovie is a behemoth of an app. It takes up a great deal of space on an iPad, but the results of the app create an even bigger impact. There is no finer video editing app available on any mobile device. iMovie creations must find a home for storage off the device. I recommend getting them on YouTube (set to the privacy settings of your choosing and easily shared), or stashing them in Cloud storage - the end file sizes are also ginormous.
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Great tool for making every day projects look more professional!

I enjoy using this in my classroom. It is now free for IOS8 devices, which makes it more student friendly. Presentation is important and students need to know how to make their work more appealing and how to keep attention focused on what they are presenting. iMovie makes this possible.
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Simple to use, great resource for students and teachers alike!

Great resource for both teachers and students to cap off a unit of study. Students can create a final presentation easily that demonstrates their knowledge through pictures, music, video, etc.
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The go-to application for film-makers when it's time for a project.

iMovie is, as almost everyone knows, a movie editing application. As it has gone mobile (now part of iOs), it's even more useful for teachers because your students can use it on phones and iPads. It has gotten simpler to use over the years, and this is both curse and blessing. It's a good thing in that students can quickly become proficient at putting clips together, adding sound, and making a movie. It's a bad thing because it's become so drag-and-drop that many of my students seem to have less interest in exploring its 'reach'.
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iMovie is and app that has helped to totally redefine the activities I do in my math class!

I think this is one of the simplest tools to use to create some amazing projects. I absolutely love using this for end of unit projects. If there was an easier way to share all of the videos in one place this would be an even better tool to use!
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Simple, clean, quick video recording and editing.

iMovie can be used to help the students become more aware of their behavior when presenting their ideas. The students were more comfortable recording each other than standing in front of the class to present. The added advantage is that each student can see exactly how he or she looks when giving the presentation later. From this the students are able to take another recording if they desired the opportunity to do better. The app also allows for cutting and splicing of clips, allowing students to take the best parts of each recording for their final project. Teachers could use this for recording a class or lesson for publishing online or on the schools internal network. Science projects can often be expensive to repeat for students that are sick that day, while not as good as the hands on, a recorded video is the next best option.
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