Great tool for making every day projects look more professional!

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

I enjoy using this in my classroom. It is now free for IOS8 devices, which makes it more student friendly. Presentation is important and students need to know how to make their work more appealing and how to keep attention focused on what they are presenting. iMovie makes this possible.

How I Use It

Students in my digital imaging class used this application to collect and place their completed projects in a slideshow to illustrate their works. They were to prepare a slideshow of their works and present them to the class. First time I did this, I found it took longer to complete because some students could not get started. They had trouble understanding what was expected of them. So, the next time I had them to work with a partner. Some students had never worked with iMovie and some students were not computer savvy, so working with a partner did increase productivity.