Fantastic program for group projects

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Imovie is a fantastic, free video maker program. It is incredibly easy to use and enables students to express themselves in projects. I have provided many examples of projects above.

How I Use It

IMovie is a fantastic alternative to the traditional group presentation. Traditionally, group presentations call for students to present a poster or a slide deck on a topic. While this method is an effective means of demonstrating student ability, it can become tiring after the first few presentations. Using video, students can express themselves creatively when presenting the information. For example, say students have to present on the steps of meiosis. Instead of making them go up to the board and have them draw the steps, teachers could have them make a stop motion film where students can make their own DNA and gametes from twizzlers, beads, etc... Another example can come from foreign language courses. Rather than have students read out chapters from a book, have them act it out in video format. This way, they not only have time to prepare and practice pronunciation, they must also fully understand the chapter in order to act it out. There are many more examples of Imovie's uses in classrooms.