iMovie in the classroom promotes Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking!!!

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

My overall opinion on this app is, it’s one of the best movie making apps out there. It's a vital resource that teachers can utilize in the classroom in order to promote and develop the 4C's that are essential skills for students to succeed. iMovie helped students strengthen skills with Communication. Not only by talking in the group but also by being able to create a video that communicates a clear message to the public. Collaboration was at an all-time high because ideas were mixed and fused together by groups, scenes had to be planned out and groups had be sure all details were in order before shooting videos. There is lots of creativity when using this app. having that ability to go beyond the classroom opened up the many doors to be creative as possible. Lastly, critical thinking had the leading role throughout the project. There were plenty of details and problems that had to be solved. Some groups were faced with students being absent and not being able to shoot videos. Some days students were limited to where they could go in the school and film, so scenes had to be changed around. But overall the students were able to work thru the adversity and complete the PSA commercial.

How I Use It

I taught an assignment on business ethics. With a mindset of students intrinsically learning how to behave when in a business environment. The assignment was for students to get in groups of 4 or 5 and create their own 30 second Public Service Announcement (PSA) commercial on certain ways to display business ethics at school. Cell phones were the only form of technology to shoot videos. and Since most students had iPhone we voted on using IMovie to edit. Needless to say the students loved the assignment and were very engaged. The ability for students to shoot videos in multiple places at one time help the class tap into the highest level of creativity possible. It also allowed the student to go beyond the classroom and explore. Students filmed themselves walking in the hallways, sitting in classrooms, the cafeteria and all over the school displaying the negative behaviors that needed to be changed at school.
While in class editing videos using iMovie, students were extremely helpful toward one another. There was plenty of collaboration and sharing ideas. Some students reached mastery level with the iMovie app and felt comfortable teaching and assisting other groups with editing. The help from the mastery level students was a pivotal point in my class since we don't have Mac computers. We were limited to just using the app on the phone. Which worked out great.