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Digital Storytelling Coming Alive

I think Puppet Pals is a great teaching tool!!! It is easy to use for all children. I love how they have already characters and how you can add your own pictures for a more personalize story. Students want to go on it because they think it is fun and don't realize how much learning they are getting from being on it. If I could use this app more often I would! The movies the students made were so much fun to watch and share with their parents.
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Great app for creating animated stories

If this tool is used in the kindergarten then their needs to be some preparation from the teacher side. The characters have to be manually cut out (the background) by the teacher for students. In grades 1 and 2 the students can do by themselves. It is a great tool for the students to show off their creativity and a great tool for the teacher to assess students understanding.
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Personalized Digital Storytelling!

This open-ended app gives just the right amount of support and enough flexibility to really make it your own.
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Kids create their own puppet shows narrated with their own voice

As a teaching tool, this skill allowed students to practice their speaking and communication skills while engaging higher level thinking skills of problem solving (as their stories evolved) and creative thinking. I appreciated the way students owned their own stories and were so proud of their finished products. I do think that they could increase the educational factor of the app by providing students a chance to brainstorm their ideas first instead of jumping right into the creation of the puppet show. In addition I think there should be more instruction that is available for the adults helping the students (i.e. more in-depth how to section) for skills required in the app like getting images, cropping images, etc.
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Easy-to-Use App for Creating a Digital Puppet Show!

I like that this app is easy for students to use independently. I think it's a great teacher tool for story-telling. This is nice for students to use during centers because they do not need much instruction and can create their own shows independently. It also enhances student collaboration and creativity.
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Students share their creativity through puppet show presentations!

I love this app because it is very easy and intuitive, and allows the final product to be shared to the camera roll. This means that you don't have to create accounts for students to work with it, and it is very easy to manage! It would be nice if you were able to save a draft of a project and come back to it later. The way that it's set up now, you need to complete your show in one sitting and then export when done. Good preparation before starting makes this process a success! I recommend getting the Driector's Pass. It's a great deal for what you're able to do with it!
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Great Way to Teach Parts of a Story

I love this app. It is a great way to give students a voice. They understand the parts after creating them on their own. They see the characters and setting, then they create the story. They have to use their imagination and creativity. They also have to learn to work as a team. I think this app is a great resource for any classroom.
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Excellent tool for students to share animated stories with a wide audience.

I love this story-creation app! My students were so excited to see themselves as characters in their stories come to life! The ability to export and share completed story projects was very motivating for my students! The app is easy to learn and easy to use.
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Perfect for summarizing the learning or using to teach through role play.

Great app to have students create. I wish there was not in app purchases because you are limited to the "sets" they give you.
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Who doesn't love puppets?!

Kids loved it, teacher loved it. Hopefully the teachers uses it often.
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