Digital Storytelling Coming Alive

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

I think Puppet Pals is a great teaching tool!!! It is easy to use for all children. I love how they have already characters and how you can add your own pictures for a more personalize story. Students want to go on it because they think it is fun and don't realize how much learning they are getting from being on it. If I could use this app more often I would! The movies the students made were so much fun to watch and share with their parents.

How I Use It

I used this app in a Special Education setting. This app helped my students to become storytellers. They learned to summarize a story by recreating it on the app. During writing class they were able to write a piece and than perform it on the app. This app was great motivation for the students. They would use it on their free time to create their own stories. I used it for fluency, retelling the main idea, different social studies topics, and math lessons. I really used it across the curriculum as a way for students to express their thoughts.