Personalized Digital Storytelling!

Submitted 7 years ago
Karen O.
Karen O.
Green Acres School
Rockville MD, US
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This open-ended app gives just the right amount of support and enough flexibility to really make it your own.

How I Use It

Puppet Pals can be used in so many ways because of the option to use the given images or use your own. Kindergartners have individually used the farm animals to tell a story with the characters on a farm. They have also used the neighborhood background along with a variety of characters to tell a Halloween story complete with a problem and solution. This was done in a partner activity where they took turns with parts of the story, so a speaking wand was passed back and forth. 3rd graders searched for a background image from a summer experiece and then used themselves as the character to describe a summer experience. This introduction activity was then extended as the students followed up with an explorer activity that included searching the internet for images of the explorer, the starting location, the map and the explored land. Each 3rd grader then spoke as if they were the explorer going on the expedition.