Students share their creativity through puppet show presentations!

Submitted 8 years ago
Sherri C.
Sherri C.
District Technology and Learning Coach
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My Take

I love this app because it is very easy and intuitive, and allows the final product to be shared to the camera roll. This means that you don't have to create accounts for students to work with it, and it is very easy to manage! It would be nice if you were able to save a draft of a project and come back to it later. The way that it's set up now, you need to complete your show in one sitting and then export when done. Good preparation before starting makes this process a success! I recommend getting the Driector's Pass. It's a great deal for what you're able to do with it!

How I Use It

I use this app to create simple, creative puppet show presentations with students in elementary grades. We use it as a summarizing tool to share what the students have learned, or as a way to act out social activities in the classroom. I would use this with all students in all grade levels, and for all content areas! Purchasing the Director's Pass is a must so that you have access to the camera to take your own pictures of characters and backgrounds. Students can then draw their characters and backgrounds on paper and take pictures. This makes using it with groups super easy! This is one of my favorite all time apps to use with elementary grade. It's a must have!