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Engage students inside and outside of the classroom. They are already social, why shouldn't YOU be??

Twitter has strong potential for classroom use. How you set it up depends on your goals. It can be used to enage students outside of the classroom and connect them with content that enriches, supports, and even contradicts what you study and discuss in class, so that discussion can be taken to a whole other level!
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Use for AP vocabulary and collaboration!

Overall, I loved using Twitter for collaboration among my students. I also tweeted out reminders and important AP information that I might otherwise have forgotten. The only downside I really had was that Twitter was blocked from our school computers, so keeping up with the tweets on my own was a little more difficult than I had anticipated. I would think that in the future, if Twitter can be more regulated within school districts, it will become even more useful within the classroom.
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Best PD for teachers since Pinterest!

I feel like Twitter for my students (elementary) is best used by me as a PD app. I find many great idea via Twitter and can apply them immediately into the classroom setting. This has 100% made me a better more innovative teacher this year after using Twitter more often and connecting with other educators in the area, as well as in the world.
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Great way to connect with students & families

Twitter gets a lot of negativity, mostly because it is so public, and I do suggest to my students that THEIR profiles and tweets stay private. It certainly opens up a dialogue in class about digital footprints and responsible social networking. I like to find the things my kids already like and use in their personal lives and use them as learning tools so that students start to see that learning can happen anywhere, anytime--Twitter is great for that.
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Great tool that helps students engage in discussions with people from around the world. Make sure that your Tech Team has set the school wifi and/or computers to allow Twitter to be used.

Great tool to teach kids about the power of social media and how it can be used in an academic setting. This is an opportunity to help kids develop digital literacy and citizenship skills. It would be more effective if two teachers from separate schools used in the same way to get their kids to talk to each other during the course of the year, culminating in some kind of group project in real life. Then, it could be used to show how social media can create an academic community that can also work together in real life.
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Great digital tool to create your own learning network and to showcase your work (D4)

It is a terrific tool to be use as a personal learning network, you can learn from other colleagues, and you can share your expertise as well. It is user friendly, my students like to see their work showcase online, they also follow me on Twitter and parents/guardians do as well. I usually "call out" my district when doing something amazing in the classroom, it helps me address domain 4 of the Danielson Rubric.
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A great way to communicate with students and create a culture that extends outside of your classroom

This is not a pedagogical tool. It is a way to create a classroom culture where the students are communicating with you and thinking about your class and content when they are outside of your classroom. I love it. It has opened me up to a world of like minded educators and has enhanced the PD experiences within and outside of the district. I follow teachers in my building who I don't have any other contact with and have gotten to know them through twitter.
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Twitter and Tweeting is the best!

I love Twitter in the classroom. With that said, there still has to be an enormous amount of set-up and discussion around using this site.
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A great way to develop an educator's PLN.

As a teaching tool, I'm not so sure.... As a learning tool, however, I am positive that if people can get past initial fears of social media learning, they can find so much information that will help them improve their practice.
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Twitter is both my professional learning network as well as a space inhabited by many of my students.

I love this. This is where my students already are. It's much easier for me to go to them than it is for them to come with me in some other digital space.
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