Great digital tool to create your own learning network and to showcase your work (D4)

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

It is a terrific tool to be use as a personal learning network, you can learn from other colleagues, and you can share your expertise as well. It is user friendly, my students like to see their work showcase online, they also follow me on Twitter and parents/guardians do as well. I usually "call out" my district when doing something amazing in the classroom, it helps me address domain 4 of the Danielson Rubric.

How I Use It

I use Twitter to showcase my students work, to highlight what were are doing in class, to inform parents and the community about my expertise and my students learning. It do not follow my students, I do not post anything about my personal life, I use it exclusively to showcase my work, my expertise, my collaboration and contribution with other educators and to keep parents/guardians informed about what we do in class.