Twitter and Tweeting is the best!

Submitted 8 years ago
Carmalita S.
Carmalita S.
Professional learning Services- NYSCATE
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I love Twitter in the classroom. With that said, there still has to be an enormous amount of set-up and discussion around using this site.

How I Use It

My job has changed over the years and I no longer am in the classroom (or a classroom that is solely mine). I work with many teachers that are learning to use technology in their classrooms and this is one website that hits it out of the park.
I worked with a teacher that was using Twitter to expand his classroom. He was an ELA teacher and wanted his students to come up with ideas for their term papers, but to not share them just with him or the class. He needed a way to get this information out to a broader audience, TWITTER! He initial goal was to have the students tweet out their term paper ideas and then to hashtag them back to him so that he could manage them. The specific amount of characters allowed posed a challenge to some students, they had to be able to summarize their ideas (GREAT TEACHING TOOL). The biggest thing that came out of the use of Twitter for this reason was the network that the students created of students from other countries and even EDU Professionals.