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Helpful for building profiles of student activity

I would absolutely attempt to use this as a teaching tool, especially for social studies. A lot of the badges and projects I could see getting the kids excited for the topics being learned and making lessons more interactive with daily incentive.
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Great teaching tool

I love this product
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Web-sharing that promotes positivity

I love this as a portfolio tool. I also like that community posts can include contests. Students can work to build their skills on their own time frame, but I do wish that this would serve more of an educational purpose. The site is fun, the skills are great, the ability to provide and receive feedback is awesome, but I can't really use it for more than that.
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One of THE best websites for teachers of STEM and STEAM...and everything else!

Here’s the gist of the site: 1) You look up stuff to do. 2) You do the stuff. 3) You post something about the stuff you did. 4) You earn a patch. I have just completely oversimplified this amazing site, but I wanted you to feel like this is easy, and fun, and something you can start doing right now! I know you’re itching to get started, but please, please bear with me as I explain in a little more detail. 1) You look up stuff to do: From hundreds and hundreds of ALL KINDS of activities. I’m not kidding when I say there is something for everyone here. 2) You do the stuff: Pick a patch that interests you and go for it! I like to bake, so I went for the baker patch. A user needs to do 3 challenges in any category to earn the patch for the chosen activity. 3. You post something about the stuff you did: Many sites call this ‘submitting evidence’. When you’re done baking your bread, making a duct-tape wallet, starting a rock collection, scrapbooking, producing a radio interview, or hiking – just upload a photo or video to show that you actually did it! 4. You earn a patch! At first, your submission (evidence) is pending review by real humans, but then it gets approved, you get an email, and you’re on your way to earning a patch! Remember, you must do three challenges in any category before you’re patch-worthy. I can highly recommend this site and definitely encourage you to try it with your class or family. The vast variety of skills, supportive videos, and motivational badges make it the perfect tool for learning and exploring all kinds of creative projects!
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One of our favourite Maker sites!

As a teaching tool, it was great to see each kid finding their own way of engaging with the site. I learned a lot about the kids that I was working with. What their interests were and what kinds of things they wanted to make. I also am curious to see how the DIY Camps work. They have just launched it this year.
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Get Kids Making with DIY

Badges, virtual or real, are popular with the middle school set. The idea of earning something is highly motivating (even for adults!) The layout and navigation of the site is user-friendly. The video content is short and engaging, even for younger students. One note of criticism: the member area needs some tweaking, especially if you are a teacher using it in a classroom. The price tag ($9 per user) is a bit steep for today's already strained budgets. However, that price point does come with some extra features that could be helpful when trying to keep a classroom of projects organized and trackable.
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A great way for students to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

DIY allows for students to be engaged in school while at home in ways that are rewarding. I can see students taking pride in their contributions to the community and pride in sharing what they have done by posting videos of their completed work within the DIY website. As a result of engaging in these types of activities, I can see students being more interested in their classes, perhaps giving them ideas for things to do at home.
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You want to be that when you grow up.... here's how

I think it's a great tool to be used to engage students and connect their real like dreams to hard work which is a hard message to always get across to students.
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Fantastic platform to cultivate self-directed learners, setting goals, and critical/creative thinking.

I think this has great potential for a variety of instruction. You could use it as it is designed--self-directed--or you could find certain skill sets to learn corporately for a project. I would love to see new skills added frequently, as to keep it relevant and interesting and motivating students to keep doing more.
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Wonderful site for students to get ideas for projects, and to share their work with others.

For teachers looking for hands-on project activities involving everything from history and English, to programming and STEAM, this site has it all. Even if you aren't running an after school club, or fully engaging in the #makered movement, you can still use this site as inspiration for projects that fit your learning needs. Plus there are lots of examples of how kids have completed the projects from this site, which can serve as motivators for your own students. Don't go here looking for rubrics, or step-by-step lesson plans - that isn't what this site is about. And if you want to find out how to complete some of the projects here, you and your students will have to take a hint from the site's name: Do It Yourself!
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