Web-sharing that promotes positivity

Submitted 6 years ago
Jessica M.
Jessica M.
Hite Saunders Elementary School
Huntington WV, US
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My Take

I love this as a portfolio tool. I also like that community posts can include contests. Students can work to build their skills on their own time frame, but I do wish that this would serve more of an educational purpose. The site is fun, the skills are great, the ability to provide and receive feedback is awesome, but I can't really use it for more than that.

How I Use It

I used this as a platform to share student work. Students could get direct feedback that they might not get face to face with peers. Being able to pick a username that did not have to be related to your name was a positive for my students. I was able to write their usernames on the board and they could comment on the username's work, but did not know who's work they were seeing. I was also able to use this across grades, so my fifth graders could work to critique forth graders. I love how positive students are when they give feedback on this site.