Wonderful site for students to get ideas for projects, and to share their work with others.

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Jim T.
Jim T.
The Harley School
Rochester NY, US
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For teachers looking for hands-on project activities involving everything from history and English, to programming and STEAM, this site has it all. Even if you aren't running an after school club, or fully engaging in the #makered movement, you can still use this site as inspiration for projects that fit your learning needs. Plus there are lots of examples of how kids have completed the projects from this site, which can serve as motivators for your own students. Don't go here looking for rubrics, or step-by-step lesson plans - that isn't what this site is about. And if you want to find out how to complete some of the projects here, you and your students will have to take a hint from the site's name: Do It Yourself!

How I Use It

I use it as part of a small club, and am experimenting with it in one of my Middle School technology classes. It helps me and my students track what we've completed, and offers a electronic portfolio of sorts to save and share later. One of the other aspects that I like is the skill badge concept that rewords kids for completed a set of projects related to a specific activity. Kids can focus on what they want, or branch out with others in the club to tackles skills they aren't as familiar with.

I also use the site as a parent. DIY has a great parent portal that lets me know when one of my kids has submitted a project, and what projects they are commenting on. A nice improvement to the site would be to add a teacher portal that has these same features.

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