PBL resource that is aligned to CCSS and NGSS

Submitted 9 years ago
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Educurious seems to be in the beginning phases of development. I feel that it is a great resource for Project Based Learning, but I'm unsure of the cost. I truly believe that courses and lessons that have Project Based Learning in mind help our students stay engaged in the process and help them become better problem solvers. Educurious has kept this in mind when developing their courses and lessons. Their current focus seems to be on ELA and Science. I would like to see some math lessons developed as well. Depending on the cost this could be a great resource for teachers!

How I Use It

Educurious has course and mini-lessons designed for PBL (Project Based Learning). The lessons are directly correlated to the Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards. If you are looking to use PBL in your classroom this is a great resource to begin your search. There are a variety of free lessons that you can examine. The lessons are very detailed which allows for easy planning. One that I found interesting dealt with the Hunger Games. This lesson has students examine how the world might have gotten to the post-apocalyptic world that is represented by the Hunger Games. This lesson would instantly capture the attention and imagination of my students. I personally would use the mini lessons in my classroom.

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