A teacher resource that captures the imaginations and interests of students, by combining project-based learning, technology, and connections with real-world experts to create meaningful learning experiences that cultivate contemporary skills.

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Although this website seems to be in its infancy, the concept of creating engaging, high quality units for teachers is great. The site has set up a series of courses.

As stated on the website, "Using the courses, students shift from being passive consumers to active participants in their education. Learning becomes relevant through a constellation of connections to experts and real contemporary challenges—engaging students’ enthusiasm, creativity, and collaborative skills."

This looks to be true, but there is a price tag included.

The courses are available for full year licensing or as single units that can be used within an existing course sequence. The price is not mentioned.

How I Use It

Educurious is a website that gives creative, engaging units that align with The Common Core.

One free unit plan I found to be quite engaging is an ELA unit geared around The Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is quite popular with Middle School students. The unit could be taught across subjects by including the social studies teachers when using primary source documents while looking at reasons that led North America to end up Panem. This plan was professionally created and had videos and other tools included.

There are only two free unit plans. The other plans require a subscription to the website.

The website has many engaging units, or courses as they are called on the site, for a variety of subjects. These units are designed to peak the curiosity of the students to maximize the engagement of each individual.