Educurious provides engaging Project Based learning opportunities.

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Though Educurious is a paid service, there are a number of free lessons that you can download by providing your contact information. All lessons (paid and free) are very comprehensive, aligned to the Common Core, and provide everything that students and teachers will need to work through the unit. These unit require students to develop deep comprehension of ideas and call on them to utilize higher order thinking skills to analyze essential questions, as well as create demonstrate their learning through a project or presentation. These lessons also authentically integrate technology tools into the projects. The units are rooted in ideas and concepts that are current, relevant and engaging.

How I Use It

These units (both mini units and full units) provide teachers and their high-school ages students with a variety of different Project Based learning opportunities that are both engaging and current. (For example, art as a medium for social change). Students enjoyed the learning structures designed to enhance collaboration and communication skills, were interested in the topics, and also liked the ability to demonstrate their learning through a badging system. Though the units are comprehensively written, there is also room for differentiation and modification to suit individual and classroom needs. This is an especially great resource for schools and classes who are following a PBL model of learning.

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