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What a program! Truly for all ages Kindergarten on up! Simple at its base with tons of advanced options - music making at its best!

This program gives students an emotional outlet and creative choice in demonstrating learned content, collaborating, application with higher level thinking skills, plays to different ability levels, musician or non-musician - there's something for everyone. The possibilities are endless! Better yet, teachers don't need to know a lot about music to let the kids loose - it's very user-friendly. The tool seems simple at its base, nestling the intense, advance features deeper into the program in places that make sense for students who are ready for those tools to be able to find and use them.
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Soundtrap is, hands down, the best online tool for collaborative music and audio.

As I mentioned above, Soundtrap has allowed me and my students to do everything Garage Band did plus more. It has made performance assessments in Chorus and in the instrumental portions of General Music Class so much better and easier for both me and the students. It has allowed us to embark on some really cool collaborative work that would not have been possible otherwise. There are occasionally some glitches that we need to overcome but a quick email to tech support usually solves that or at least brings it to their attention. There are nearly daily updates to Soundtrap and my students love to see the new features each time we log in whether it's a new loop, a new MIDI instrument, or a new visual feature.
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Soundtrap is evolving into a more and more powerful tool for classroom creativity and collaboration

Soundtrap is a powerful tool that today’s students can quickly learn to use. The possibilities are really only limited by the teacher’s imagination. Seeing my students work on a project on the desktop computers, then switching to the mobile app when the bell rang so they could share their creations with their friends in the hallway during class change was an eye opener for me. In addition, students are sharing their work with their parents who are fascinated by the work they are doing. In short, Soundtrap gets my students excited about learning and sharing their learning. The technology levels the playing field between my high flyers and those with learning challenges. Students today are digital natives. Soundtrap is an easily adaptable tool for almost any student to create, explore and demonstrate learning. I love it and so do my students!
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Unleashing creativity on a Chromebook

This is a fantastic tool for teachers to let students be creative, especially for those of us in Chromebook districts. Podcasting is a medium that has seen rapid growth in society and Soundtrap is a great tool to use to enhance your audio recording. Not to mention, it is a great collaborative tool for music creation!
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Amazing Creation Tool for Students!

We use the EDU version which creates a safewall for my students when they create. We have had numerous students collaborating together at once and have had no issues with the school's wifi. In addition, since we use the EDU version, the teachers are the admin and we receive all notifications on when the students update their musical creations, when they invite other students, when they collaborate, and more. Soundtrap works smoothly with Google Classroom and Seesaw, both used in our school, so that the students can turn in their work or showcase it to their caregivers easily. As stated by Mic Wright of, Soundtrap is “the lovechild of GarageBand and Google Docs." It is a fabulous tool for students to create and showcase their knowledge. It works on most platforms and devices. In a school with students using multiple devices, Soundtrap is excellent and intuitive.
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Best online DAW!

Students are able to jump right in because Soundtrap is so intuitive. It allows me to focus on musical instruction after a minimal orientation on the tech aspects of the interface. The one feature students consistently request is a way to change tempo within a project.
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Excellent (and Safe!) Tool for Collaboration and Creation!

I feel like Soundtrap gives my students a new way to work together. Collaboration is a huge component of education, and is a big part of the 21st Century Skills in the Iowa Core. Students are able to develop skills that are useful beyond my classroom, as well as beyond their school careers. My administrator is appreciative of the walled-garden aspect, as student safety is a top priority. I think this product is limitless in what you can do--give kids a basic outline and let them experiment. They can easily determine if their product works, what doesn't, why it doesn't work, and how to fix it. They can continue this process until they are satisfied that it's their best work, and then share it with others for feedback and reassess what needs improvement (Growth Mindset, anyone?). As a teaching tool for band and choir--I can use Soundtrap for singing and playing assessments. Playing Tests--record and share. Add a beat and bass to make it interesting. You'd be surprised at how many ways "Hot Cross Buns" can be remixed. Singing and sight reading assessments can be done the same way. We have collaborated with the English teacher and used Soundtrap as a way to record poetry and turn original poetry into compositions. Soundtrap is also fantastic in Elementary Music classes. Our students all have access to either Chromebooks or Ipads, and soundtrap is easily accessible for all ages. My Kindergarteners can even pull in loops and create music, and they love to create projects on our SmartBoard. Parents enjoy seeing and hearing student projects, and often share them with family members (positive community contact--bonus for schools!).
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Fantastic tool for MORE than just music creation!

There are a million possibilities with this tool! In particular, my students and I love the collaborative features like the chat and video windows. The fact that it works on any device is also a bonus, and that it easily downloads creations as mp3s or files that can be shared easily to LMS classrooms or social media is also a great feature. We love Soundtrap!
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Soundtrap is amazing and will extend your students' individual and collaborative learning inside and outside of the classroom!

If GarageBand and Google Docs had a baby, it would be Soundtrap! Soundtrap has given me the ability to extend my students' learning outside of the classroom because it is cloud-based. Before Soundtrap, my students' work lived on a specific iMac within my classroom. Now, they can use their Chromebooks, as we are a 1:1 school, and continue their work outside of my classroom. And, if they are absent from school, they will no longer fall behind because they can work anywhere, anytime! It is also really easy to set up your student accounts and navigate the program! The interface is super easy and kid-friendly! I would recommend it for all ages, K-12 and beyond!
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I used it as part of a cultural assignment in World Geography...Simple to use creation tool for Chromebooks; had no issues loading

In this day and age that we are competing with Instagram, Snapchat, Fortnite, and television, we all know that teachers have to be entertaining to catch their attention. Soundtrap is a tool that occupy their attention but it will take a creative teacher to know how to include it into standards and lessons. Students know when their teachers are putting in time to make it fun for them. That also affects discipline in class.
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