Amazing Creation Tool for Students!

Submitted 4 years ago
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We use the EDU version which creates a safewall for my students when they create. We have had numerous students collaborating together at once and have had no issues with the school's wifi. In addition, since we use the EDU version, the teachers are the admin and we receive all notifications on when the students update their musical creations, when they invite other students, when they collaborate, and more. Soundtrap works smoothly with Google Classroom and Seesaw, both used in our school, so that the students can turn in their work or showcase it to their caregivers easily. As stated by Mic Wright of, Soundtrap is “the lovechild of GarageBand and Google Docs." It is a fabulous tool for students to create and showcase their knowledge. It works on most platforms and devices. In a school with students using multiple devices, Soundtrap is excellent and intuitive.

How I Use It

I have used Soundtrap with my elementary music classes. They have used it to create music within a specific form, to create accompaniments to short melodies that they composed in a composition software, to record themselves performing and to self-reflect, to collaborate with other students in other music classes in the school, to create podcasts to showcase their knowledge of what they have learned, and so much more.