Soundtrap is evolving into a more and more powerful tool for classroom creativity and collaboration

Submitted 4 years ago
Heath J.
Heath J.
McConnell Middle School
Loganville GA, US
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Soundtrap is a powerful tool that today’s students can quickly learn to use. The possibilities are really only limited by the teacher’s imagination. Seeing my students work on a project on the desktop computers, then switching to the mobile app when the bell rang so they could share their creations with their friends in the hallway during class change was an eye opener for me. In addition, students are sharing their work with their parents who are fascinated by the work they are doing. In short, Soundtrap gets my students excited about learning and sharing their learning. The technology levels the playing field between my high flyers and those with learning challenges. Students today are digital natives. Soundtrap is an easily adaptable tool for almost any student to create, explore and demonstrate learning. I love it and so do my students!

How I Use It

I teach a music technology course in my middle school. I have used Soundtrap as the primary DAW for my students. When I first began using Soundtrap in 2017 I would run into performance issues when I had all of my students working in the server at one time. Collaboration could be glitchy and loading student files took way too long. BUT, Soundtrap has apparently been working on those issues and it is working like a charm for me this year. Students use it to create original compositions and songs, the collaboration tools are awesome for partner and group projects. Other teachers have begun using it in my school for other subjects. The science enrichment teacher has her students using it to create projects for the state media arts festival, a social studies teacher used it to have her students create audio tourism commercials to demonstrate their learning if South American countries. Our special needs and SPED teachers have used it for students to record and track their reading fluency, and have used adaptive aids for students to create music using loops.