Soundtrap is amazing and will extend your students' individual and collaborative learning inside and outside of the classroom!

Submitted 4 years ago
Shawna Longo L.
Shawna Longo L.
Hopatcong Middle School
Hopatcong NJ, US
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My Take

If GarageBand and Google Docs had a baby, it would be Soundtrap! Soundtrap has given me the ability to extend my students' learning outside of the classroom because it is cloud-based. Before Soundtrap, my students' work lived on a specific iMac within my classroom. Now, they can use their Chromebooks, as we are a 1:1 school, and continue their work outside of my classroom. And, if they are absent from school, they will no longer fall behind because they can work anywhere, anytime!

It is also really easy to set up your student accounts and navigate the program! The interface is super easy and kid-friendly! I would recommend it for all ages, K-12 and beyond!

How I Use It

I use Soundtrap with my music students almost everyday! The students create podcasts, songs, recordings, perform and record on virtual instruments as they gain deeper understanding of music elements. Soundtrap gives my students the ability to connect with other students or individuals via an embedded virtual chat where they can work on projects simultaneously no matter there location!