I used it as part of a cultural assignment in World Geography...Simple to use creation tool for Chromebooks; had no issues loading

Submitted 4 years ago
Fe C.
Fe C.
Palmetto High School
Williamston SC, US
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In this day and age that we are competing with Instagram, Snapchat, Fortnite, and television, we all know that teachers have to be entertaining to catch their attention. Soundtrap is a tool that occupy their attention but it will take a creative teacher to know how to include it into standards and lessons. Students know when their teachers are putting in time to make it fun for them. That also affects discipline in class.

How I Use It

I used it in a culture-based World Geography assignment with WeVideo. There were times when I could not figure out which music was created by the students and which came from WeVideo. I considered that a good dilemma to have. Student excitement for it will depend on the type of students that you have. I have been at schools that I would have had to pause my licenses because of kids constantly on it if I had it previously.